About School

The school was started in March 1887 by some interested local persons of Tiruvallur as ‘Tiruvallur Native school’, under the advices of Saint Ponnaganni Swamy. During early years two charitable minded ladies Smt. Andal Ammal and Smt.Lakshmi Ammal rendered substantial aid to the institution. Later Raja of Tirur gave a generous contribution to run the school for many years.  

Fortune smiled on our institution when our revered founder took control of this institution on 21st June 1917. The school celebrated the golden Jubilee on 17th April 1937 under the presidentship of Late. Sri Alladi Krishna swamy Iyer, B.A.,B.L. the Advocate General, Madras.

            The wish of the benevolent donor had been materialised by opening of fourth form in 1949, due to the strenuous efforts of our farsighted ex-correspondent Late. Sri. Sami Venkatachalam Chetty. The school showed all round development, when Sri. C. Ethiraj, B.Com., took charge as Honorary Correspondent in 1954. The English medium was introduced in 6th Standard from 1976-77 and was extended to 10th Standard. In recognition of the management services in the cause of Education, our school was in the very first list of a few schools chosen for Higher Secondary by the department in 1976  when the Government of Tamilnadu switched over to the system in the state.

            The centenary celebration of the school was celebrated in a fitting manner under the presidentship of Hon’ble Sri. R. Venkataraman former President of India in 1993. A life size statue of the founder was installed in the school to mark the grand occasion. The statue is the source of inspiration to the students to learn and earn more and more. The majestic statue reminds us to do selfless services to the mankind keeping the version ‘service to man is service to God’.

            Even before the implementation of the Free Noon meal scheme by our beloved Ex-Chief Minister Dr. M.G. Ramachandran on 15th September 1984, we had the free mid day feeding carried out through “Shri Cunnan Deenabandhu Sangam” for poor and needy. Nearly 100 children were fed on all working days.

            The expenses were met by many generous people. Our respected then President of the Trust board Sri. M. Nammalvar Chetty Garu bore the cost of a day feeding every month. Our school staff members, local State Bank of India staff Association, Lions Club of Tiruvallur and some philanthropists met the cost of feeding every month on the days of their choice. The sangham completed 25 years of useful service to the starving poor children.

            Our school was also a pioneer of free book scheme. The school had collected old books from the passed students of every class and distributed them to the succeeding year poor students.

            The Management does not mind in spending money for the welfare of the students. The school has well built structures due to the generosity of the management. The benign management has spent crores of rupees in building big buildings and maintaining them. The buildings are well furnished with suitable furniture. The laboratories are modernized. The infrastructure of the school is so good that it attracts the Government officials to conduct all kinds of meetings and examinations. Some of the notable contributions of the management are given below.




A Block of four class rooms



1&2 Mothilal Street, Two houses-Purchased



Engineering Secretaryship course



A Block of nine class rooms





7 lakhs



3.9 lakhs

Physics Lab



8 class rooms






5, Mothilal Steet-House purchased



Construction of Cunnan Block






Purchase of land, 6.5 grounds Agaram Street



New building, Agaram street

Higher Secondary Block


1.2 crores

School Strength - 2015-16

  A 6 1 7
  TEL MED 6 1 7
  B 30 35 65
  C 32 31 63
  D 34 29 63
  TAM MED 96 95 191
  E 46 32 78
  F 37 41 78
  ENG MED 83 73 156
  TOTAL 185 169 354
  A 4 2 6
  TEL MED 4 2 6
  B 39 30 69
  C 38 32 70
  D 40 30 70
  TAM MED 117 92 209
  E 48 38 86
  F 44 39 83
  ENG MED 92 77 169
  TOTAL 213 171 384
  A 10 6 16
  TEL MED 10 6 16
  B 32 34 66
  C 31 32 63
  D 30 30 60
  TAM MED 93 96 189
  E 38 47 85
  F 46 39 85
  ENG MED 84 86 170
  TOTAL 187 188 375
  A 5 7 12
  TEL MED 5 7 12
  B 34 27 61
  C 29 33 62
  D 23 36 59
  E 26 35 61
  TAM MED 112 131 243
  F 35 50 85
  G 42 44 86
  ENG MED 77 94 171
  TOTAL 194 232 426
  A 3 1 4
  TEL MED 3 1 4
  B 30 33 63
  C 24 41 65
  D 32 31 63
  E 27 35 62
  TAM MED 113 140 253
  F 38 42 80
  G 31 48 79
  ENG MED 69 90 159
  TOTAL 185 231 416
  XI 1 10 46 56
  XI 2 30 25 55
  XI 3 17 33 50
  XI OS - 30 30
  TAM MED 57 134 191
  XI 1A 13 29 42
  XI 1B 32 27 59
  XI 3A 20 42 62
  XI GM 34 - 34
  ENG MED 99 98 197
  TOTAL 156 232 388
  XII 1 24 38 62
  XII 2 29 23 52
  XII 3 20 34 54
  XII OS - 25 25
  TAM MED 73 120 193
  XII 1A 20 29 49
  XII 1B 29 29 58
  XII 3A 17 44 61
  XII GM 38 - 38
  ENG MED 104 102 206
  TOTAL 177 222 399
    GRAND TOTAL: 787
    TOTAL NO.OF BOYS: 1297
    GRAND TOTAL: 2742
    GRAND TOTAL: 2742

            The result obtained in the Govt. Public Examination is the real yardstick to assess the standard of a school. The school consistently produces District and State Ranks in S.S.L.C and Higher Secondary Examinations. Centum in subjects scored by our students is a common feature. Our school boy R. Babu stood STATE FIRST in the S.S.L.C public examination held in 1998. K. Nithyanandam scored SECOND RANK in the state in the following year 1999. E. Dhanasekar has secured THIRD RANK in state level in 2010 S.S.L.C public examination. In 2000, Selvan. M.Srihari stood FIRST in the Vocational G.M. subject. The school has got III, IV, VI ranks in public examinations at state level in different years. The school has many laurels to its credit at several state, district level competition. Our boys won many medals, prizes, and cash prizes in sports, games and in competitions such as literary, drawing and science exhibits. Two scout boys and three guide girls have won President Award. Nearly 34 Scouts and Guides have got Governor Award. To bring out the latent talent of the children, the school has N.C.C, N.S.S, N.G.C, Scouts, Guides, J.R.C, Student clubs and literary association.

            The working model of ‘Satellite Communication’ bagged the first prize at state level science exhibition in 1986. It was appreciated by ‘The Hindu’ and H.O.D Communication, P.S.G. College, Coimbatore. In 1997, ‘Remote Sensing’, in 1999 ‘3D Viewing of Earth Topograph & Traffic Pollution control have secured 1st and 2nd prizes at the state level exhibitions. The articles about them were published in NCERT working model book. In 1991, the school has got ‘Teacher award’ in South India Science Exhibition.

            It is to be mentioned that the highest award of this land for a teacher ‘National award’ has been awarded to Thiru. T.P.Janakiraman, Ex-Headmaster in1989. In the school history there are 13 teachers who are the recipients of state awards.

  1. Thiru. N. Appalaraju, B.A.B.Ed., Headmaster                 for the year 1968-69
  2. Pulavar. Thiru. M. Natarajan Pillai, Tamil Pandit              for the year 1971-72
  3. Thiru. M. Somasundaram, Drawing Master                     for the year 1973-74   
  4. Tmt. M.K. Balasundaram, Sec.Gr.Asst                          for the year 1974-75   
  5. Thiru. V. Parthasarathy, Craft Instructor                         for the year 1975-76
  6. Thiru. T.P. Janakiraman, Headmaster                            for the year 1976-77
  7. Thiru.M.G.Balasubramaniam, Eng.Instructor                  for the year 1985-86
  8. Tmt. B.L. Rani, Sec.Gr.Asst.,                                      for the year 1994-95
  9. Thiru. M.P. Ponnupillai, Headmaster                             for the year 2001-02
  10. Thiru. T.K. Navukkarasu, P.G.Asst.,                             for the year 2006-07
  11. Thiru. R. Murali, P.G.Asst.,                                          for the year 2008-09
  12. Tmt. V. Mahalakshmi, P.G.Asst.,                                 for the year 2010-11
  13. Thiru.K.Sambandam, P.G.Asst.,                                   for the year 2012-13
  14. Thiru.S.Sundaramurthy, Drawing Master                        for the Year 2014-15

      It is noteworthy that some of our teachers are the Authors of current 10th standard Tamil book (K.Sambandam), 10th standard Mathematics book (A.V.Paranthaman) and 11th & 12th standard G.M., books (G. Jayakumar Jesudoss). Our school teacher (G.Subramaniyam) is a translator in Telugu X std Social Science text book.

      Usually, June month is a tough time, not only for the administrators of the school but also for the Govt. officials and politicians of Tiruvallur town due to heavy pressure mounted from the public to secure 6th std. admission in our school. People heave a sigh of relief when they admit their wards in this school, known for strict discipline.

            Our Management has a golden principle of not collecting even a single rupee as donation from the people. The dreams of our revered founder come true because of the sustained efforts and the zeal shown by our Management. Our old students, mostly poor and rural folk, hold high offices in different parts of the world. Some of our prominent old students are

  1. Late Thiru. T.T. Krishnamachari, Former Finance Minister, Govt. of India
  1. Dr.C.S. Jayachandran, Retd.Dean, Director of Medical Education, Govt.General Hospital, Chennai.
  2. Dr.D. Jagajeevan Ram,M.S.FRCS,Mix(Ortho),  Consultant, Wat Ford, LONDON
  3. Thiru.T. Anantha Narayanan,  Director of Finance , Ashok Leyland, Chennai
  4. Shri.V.Lakshmi kumar, Formerly Indian Revenue Service, New Delhi, International Advocate & I.T. Consultant, New Delhi
  5. Shri.D.S. Ramachandra Raju, Executive Director(Retd.), Reserve Bank of India, Chennai.
  6. Thiru.K.Purushotaman, Deputy Regional Director (southern region) , NASSCOM

Apart from several Doctors and Engineers many of them are at the helms of Government departments and private sectors. 

Sleeping Children Around the World is a novel scheme which extends a helping hand to the rural poor children live in and around Tiruvallur. The basic required articles of a child such as plate, mug, bag, pillow, bucket, bed sheet, uniform are supplied by the SCAW under the guidance and the personnel supervision of our Hon.Correspondent. Shri. C. Venkatachalam.  Every year SCAW distributes articles to about 600 deserving children through our school. The Management is also pleased to distribute laddus to all the children on the Anniversaries of our revered Founder and Smt. Seethammagaru.           

            The Management always encourages meritorious students and honours teachers who had rendered distinguished services. The management is very liberal in awarding prizes from VI to XII class wise toppers every year. The teachers who achieve 100% results in their classes are awarded prizes. The broad mindedness of the Management prompts the teachers to acquire higher qualifications and thus the institution has well qualified teachers. The staff members of the school feel comfortable and secured in the concerning fold of the Management. In adherence to the guidelines prescribed by the department, the school has PTA and school committee. Till last year notebooks were sold at fair price through Students’ Co-operative stores. 

            While most of the Govt. Aided schools are losing their charm due to the advent and the enormous growth of Matriculation schools, our school has been vibrant in all fields holding the reputation and glory for 125 years. The good governance of the management is the vital force behind this great feat.  

            The school completed its 125th year, thanks to the sincere and devoted stewardship and the keen interest of successive correspondents. Our respected previous correspondents Thiru.J.Govindasami, Thiru.M.V.Cunniah Chetty, Thiru.Vummidi Sreehari, Thiru. V.R. Bakthavatsalam, have contributed their might relentlessly to the development of the school. Our Honorary Correspondent Thiru.C.Venkatachalam is the pivotal point for the all kinds of activities, developments, achievements and the encomiums earned by the school.           

            The Quasquicentennial Celebration (125th Year Anniversary) was celebrated in a grand manner on 03.09.2014. DR.K.ROSAIAH, His Excellency, Governor of Tamilnadu presided over the function and released the Souvenir.